My Battle with a Door

I recently had a fight with a door and when it was over, the song called “I Fought the Law and the Law Won” got stuck in my head. It’s an oldie but goodie written by Sonny Curtis in the 60’s and covered by many bands. My two favorites are the versions by The Clash and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Okay, back to my fight. I decided to rearrange some furniture in my house. This involved lugging mattresses up the staircase and moving a couch to another room. The couch wouldn’t fit through the doorframe so I took the door off the hinges. Easy peasy, I’ve seen my husband do it many times. I got all the required tools and did it. Yay me.

door 2

Happy with all the furniture rearrangements, it was time to put the door back on the hinges. Not so easy peasy. It is important to mention that I recently joined a gym because my doctor said I needed weight training to build up my skinny bones. As the youngest person in the senior fitness class and the only one totally bombing out, I succumbed to pressure (and humiliation) and hired a personal trainer.

I reversed my steps and heaved the door in place to line up the hinges. After wiggling and shoving it several times, I couldn’t get the top and bottom to line up. Hot and bothered now, the worse happened. The door started to tip into the room. I could not let that happen. It would have crashed into an antique hope chest, and I didn’t want to explain that damage to anyone.

My hands grabbed the side edges to steady it. I’m pretty sure it is safe to say that I weigh about the same as that wood door, and gravity was not my friend. As the door got heavier, my fingertips held the back of it for dear life. I said out loud, “I’m not going down with this door.” Then, I remembered something I heard in the senior fitness class and from my trainer. The words Use Your Core. I’m not sure what that really means, but I focused all my strength on standing up straight and was able to pull the door up with me.

I fought the door and I WON!!! My enemy is pictured below.

door 1