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Hot Air Balloons

A Bird, A Plane, A Panda Bear?

Living in So Cal has some unusual year round benefits. One that I enjoy many weekends is the sight of hot air balloons soaring over my house. The launch pad is on a nearby hill that has been spared from development. If I miss the take off, I usually hear the burner blasting the hot air as they float overhead. Most of the time, I see colorful balloons like the star pattern below,

Star Hot Air Balloon

or like this checked one,
Hot Air Balloon with Checks

But I was quite surprised when I saw this Panda head floating by.

Panda Balloon

Panda Balloon

We have had a few cold and rainy days in San Diego this month. I can’t wait for the arrival of the sun, a light wind and the chance to wave to the brave souls who can admire a sunset at over 1000 feet in a basket in the air.

Just Added

I’m Old and I Know It

I’m old and I know it.  Thanks to LMFAO for the inspiration for the title of this post.  Interestingly enough, we both have things that jiggle, but in different places.  I’m not so old that I had to think too hard about what LMFAO stands for.  But I am old enough to have a list of things to share for the New Year.  So to answer the question, how old are you?  I’m so old….

1. I just learned that LOL can mean laughing out loud, not lots of love…..

2. When I go to Macy’s, the mannequins scare me.  (Especially in the young men’s department).

3. Last time I was in line at Ross, I started doing a “I got it for less at Ross” commercial with someone in line.  (Folks were actually looking for hidden cameras.)

4. I eat the same thing for breakfast every day (it’s boring and I know it).

5. I still don’t know when someone has left me a voicemail message on my cell phone.

6. I put mascara on my eyebrows to cover the gray and none on my eyelashes.

7. I tell waitresses that they look like movie stars so I can get better service (or a free dessert).

8. I recently learned that beer is dated when it was born rather than when it expires.

9. I get excited when I remember a “valspeak” from the 80’s.  For example, I was cleaning some guck out of my sink drain and I said to myself “this is grody to the max.”

10. Putting on a pair of pantyhose is almost an aerobic exercise.

If you don’t know the band LMFAO, search YouTube for the song “I’m Sexy and I know it.”  Young children should not be present at that time.

Happy New Year!!!