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Just Drive Your Car

I feel like I’m channeling Jerry Seinfeld with this blog today. What’s with people brushing their teeth while driving their car? Do they have a toothbrush holder in their console? Where do they rinse and spit? Do I even want to know the answer to that question?

If you have never seen this before, it is definitely one of those double take things. You wonder what is that person doing? – hand motions all around their mouth, and then you see the toothbrush.

I guess I am old fashioned. I listen to the radio. I drink out of my water bottle or powder my nose at stop lights. I write down directions before I go somewhere so I don’t need to use my cell phone as a microscopic GPS system.

So if you are doing something in your car that would make someone say “ick, yuck or gross” guess what? WE CAN SEE YOU!

Just one more thing about drivers. I was at a stop light the other day. A lady in a Mercedes tapped the back of the truck I was driving. I got out and asked her if she was ok. I checked for damage on my truck. She leaned out her window and asked if her car was ok. How lazy can you get? Then, I am not kidding you. She asked me if my truck rolled back and hit her car. I told her it had automatic transmission and didn’t roll back. Yikes.

Just Added

Gargoyle, Grotesque or Chimera

When I saw it in the corner of the garden shop, I knew we were meant to be together. I ran for my husband. “Look, a gargoyle. We need to have it in our backyard.”  (Click on the photo to enlarge it).

The Grotesque

The Grotesque

The shop owner laughed when he saw the little dance I was doing.

We’ve moved our gargoyle to different spots in the yard. One day, he’s in the herb garden. (I can’t call him “it” forever.) Another night, he’s under a tree with a spotlight shining up in his face. Right now, he rests on a wall. From this vantage point, we can always see him and he can always see us.

So what is this half dog, half bird creature? I had the choice of gargoyle, grotesque or chimera. Because dogbird did not have a spout, he couldn’t be a true gargoyle. I believe he is a grotesque. A grotesque is pretty much a gargoyle without a spout. If you mix multiple species together you have a chimera – think of The Great Sphinx.

I found a quirky poem called “The Gargoyle” by Oliver Herford that I have to share.

The Gargoyle often makes its perch
On a cathedral or a church,
Where, mid ecclesiastic style,
It smiles an early-Gothic smile.
And while the parson, dignified,
Spouts at his weary flock inside,
The Gargoyle, from its lofty seat,
Spouts at the people in the street,
And, like the parson, seems to say
To those beneath him, “Let us spray.”
I like the Gargoyle best; it plays
So cheerfully on rainy days,
While parsons (no one can deny)
Are awful dampers–when they’re dry.

I think I’m going to name our grotesque Oliver.