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Where Are We?


Where Are We?

There’s a funny thing about turkeys and me, wild turkeys that is.  My first encounter was clandestine.  It happened on a girl’s weekend a couple of years ago.  Two of us flew up to Sacramento, rented a car and drove out to Nevada City to visit another friend in her new home.
She lives in middle of the woods.  Wild turkeys live in the middle of the woods.  The only way in and out of her place is a single lane dirt road.  By the end of our visit, the rental car was covered in a layer of the local soil.   Our friend’s husband generously offered to hose down the car for us before we left. This proved not to be a good idea.  The water revealed a roof and a trunk covered in scratches.  You get one guess – turkeys!  During the night, they hopped or flew up onto  the car for a nighttime roost.  (Yes – wild turkeys can fly – a butterball, not so much)
With the car still wet, we took off down the road kicking up dust and hoping it would settle back on and cover the scratches (we did not select “turkey damage” coverage).  Interesting side note, rental car agents don’t check car roofs.  We left the trunk up and ran into the airport as soon as the receipt was printed.
My next turkey encounter was just a few days ago.  On college visits in northern California, we  toured a couple of the UC’s in preparation for our soon-to-be empty nest.  (I just had to use another bird  reference.)  After one of the 90 minute walking tours, we were resting in the hotel room.  I heard a gobble gobble sound.  I glanced over at my daughter and asked her what game she was playing on her iPod.  Turned out, she wasn’t playing a turkey game.  We raced to the window and saw the  turkey we captured in the photo below. (Click photo to enlarge).

Wild Turkey Sighting

After taking the shot, a car load of people showed up and the turkey chased them around the parking lot.  We had a good laugh.  Guess which UC school we were visiting at the time?  Yes, it was UC Davis.  I guess we won’t be seeing any wild turkeys in the near future.  Our daughter clicked the YES button for CAL today.  But there isn’t a shortage of interesting things to observe in Berkeley – they are called college students.

Just Added

The Comic Gardener

As a newbie gardener, I am learning that there is a lot to learn about gardening. We put in a raised garden bed this winter. Over the past few weeks, I gently coaxed seeds into seedlings in these cute little pots that go right into the ground. (I’m sure a real gardener knows the name of them). Earlier, my husband had laid out the lines of the drip sprinkler for me. All I had to do was plant my jalapeno, tomato and beet seedlings and then pull the plugs off the drip tubes. So yesterday, I proudly planted them and without a tool handy, pulled the tight plugs off the drip lines with my teeth.

This morning as I was about to head out for my walk, sneakers in hand, I walked by the patio door facing the garden. I knew the sprinklers were on because I saw a ballet of drip lines dancing around the garden bed. Two were forming perfect arcs across the bed while the third was pirouetting around it. I think I was supposed to do one more step…..

I ran outside like a water avatar. I slid across the wet pavers like I was surfing a stone wave, finally stopping on a dry paver. I ducked under the swirling drip line and grabbed it after it skimmed the back of my neck. I pointed it toward the lawn. With another hand, I was able to aim one of the shooters towards the trees. Well, the other shooter, let’s just say my foot couldn’t reach that far.

After holding this position for a minute, I tried to remember how long this cycle was. Five minutes, seven minutes? I was wet, cold and ready to crack up. So I did what a normal person should have done initially upon seeing this scenario; I dropped everything and ran to the sprinkler box and turned it off. As I changed out of my wet clothes for my walk, I had one regret. If only someone had been able to capture this on film, it could have made a hilarious YouTube video.

It’s not over yet. On my walk I cut through a local park and stopped to watch some bunnies. I heard a loud hiss and jumped. No, not a rattler, the city was testing its sprinklers. A city worker saw me jump and apologized even though he was laughing. Anyone who has been to the movies with me knows I am a jumper…even when I know what is going to happen. After seeing one of the early Harry Potter movies with my daughter, she told me I was so embarrassing she wouldn’t go to the movies with me again. (Ok, I scream too.)

The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny

I was rewarded with more bunny sightings as I continued my walk. Seeing all those cute little cottontails zig zagging down the bunny trail reminded me that Easter was on its way.  Happy holidays to those celebrating Easter and Passover this weekend. I hope there is a nice surprise waiting for you.