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Gold Medal, St. Patrick and Carol Burnett

What do these three random things have in common? They are yellow roses that are loving the fall season in San Diego. They caught me by surprise this morning when I looked out the window. If they could sing, their song would be “I’m Walking on Sunshine.” If you haven’t heard that feel good song by Katrina and the Waves lately, click this link: Walking On Sunshine

My camera could not capture the intensity of each of the rose bushes, but the individual bud shots are worth sharing.  (Click on the photos to enlarge.)

Gold Medal Rose
My favorite. A gorgeous long-stemmed rose.

Gold Medal

St. Patrick Rose
Obviously this rose gets its name from the pale green tint.

St. Patrick

Carol Burnett Rose
The touch of red must be the connection to Carol Burnett being a redhead.

Carol Burnett

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Just Added

Witches Drinking Tea and Friends with Masks

Last Halloween I posted a blog on “Witches Drinking Tea.” It is by far the story that has had the most hits on my site. So with Halloween rolling by again, I thought I’d tip my pointy black hat to these ladies once more. Thank you for bringing so many visitors to my site. Here is the story and photo.

I first spotted this photo in a cafe in Paris and loved it. After doing a little research, I found that the photographer is unknown. The location of this old photograph is thought to be a Home for the Aged in Norfolk, England. The looks on the faces of these old ladies are delightful. How nice to be able to have fun no matter what your age.

Witches Drinking Tea

When I was in Chicago recently with my friend Barb, we decided to have an in-room facial with some masks she brought with her. I thought this photo would be perfect to share as an easy do-it-yourself Halloween costume. White robes and a glass of champagne complement these masks quite well.

Friends Wearing Masks

Just Added

Readers Comments

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Signs of Autumn

From FS in San Diego
Autumn is a good excuse to make a Julian apple pie run.

From LA in the Bay area
I know it is Fall when I can wear a scarf outside and not feel weird about it.

From an old-timer in Florida
When it snows here then the summer is over.

See Chicago

KS in San Diego laughed about Chicago wanting to charge to take a picture of The Bean.
“When my husband and I were in St. Petersburg, Russia, a few years back, we were required to buy a permit and pin it to our shirt if we wanted to take photos inside the basilica. Well, you know how some Americans are – there were a couple of men on the tour bus sitting behind us who said they weren’t going to pay. Once inside, and without the permit, they took a picture. The last we saw of them, two burly Russian guards were escorting them out of the basilica. Made me chuckle – the permit was only about $1 or so — served them right (wish I had snapped their photo being escorted out!).”