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A Play on Birds

So I think I am spending too much time in the garden as I’ve started personifying birds. It all started with a couple of cute starlings. Three or four of them decided to take a bath in our fountain. Then, they invited fifty of their closest friends to join them. During my research on how to get rid of them–no starlings were injured*–these random thoughts came to me.

Hawks – They are like royalty. Everything they do seems majestic whether it’s gliding on an air current or observing the world below them. It makes me think, if I come back as a bird, I want to be a hawk.

Crows – When a group of birds is called “a murder” you know they’re the mobsters of the backyard. I know they are flipping me a middle toe when I run outside and chase them away. As they fly down to the lower part of the backyard they caw “Let’s eat her f’ing figs.”

Starlings – These are the cult members of the backyard. They have big ass families, and they do everything together. Their leader gives some unseen command, and they know it’s time to bathe, time to fly, time to look for bugs, time to set down some roots and start a new religion.

Orioles – The theme song for orioles is “I’m Sexy and I Know It.” They are the movie stars; they stay around long enough for a photo op and off they go.

Blue Jays –Somewhere in little birdie playground being blue was uncool. So now, as grown up birds, blue jays are the bullies. “I eat first, then you. Got it?”

Doves – I love doves. They have the SoCal attitude down. They are the last birds to fly away when I go out to fill the bird feeders. I imagine them saying: “Dude, chill. It’s just the babelini with the seeds.”

Finches – Watching finches is like watching an episode of Glee– it seems cute for a few minutes and then it gets so annoying you want to barf.

Hummingbirds – This tiny bird has a huge problem with obsessive behavior. “Should I eat nectar here, no wait, maybe that one is better, no wait, how about this flower?” And with their high metabolism, they dart around like they are starving (which I’ve read is true).

And for all the parents watching their kids leave the nest for college, summer sure went by fast.

*Starlings are attracted to water. I had to empty out my fountain and wait them out. So far, so good. Hope to put the fountain back on in another week.

Just Added

Tuesdays with Paula Deen

Tuesday Mornings is one of my guilty pleasures. There is something about getting a bargain there that gives me a jolt. I always manage to leave the store with something I must have for the house for less than $10. Like today–I found a great little rug for my back door for $9.99 (originally $19.99).

As I was poking through the clearance section (where do things go that don’t get sold here?), I almost laughed and then I stopped myself. I am a firm believer in not kicking someone when they’re down. So if you have been wondering where products endorsed by fallen stars go, look no further.

Magazine from 2012

Magazine from 2012

Paula Deen Silverware

Paula Deen Silverware

Although Ms. Deen’s past behavior resulted in millions of dollars lost in endorsements, she still has a couple of restaurants that should keep her in butter, so to speak.

Those of us in San Diego are also dealing with a mayor whose behavior has turned his name into a verb. For example, “Politicians don’t want to be caught “filnering” with women.

Oh Paula Deen, oh Bob Filner, oh public figures – where are your manners (to say the least)?

Just Added

Sights and Sounds of Summer 2013

The Sights
Summer means time in the garden. I was cleaning out our fountain today–I mean our gigantic bird bath–when I had a close encounter with a hummingbird. After scrubbing out all the green gunk, I started to refill it. In the past I have noticed that hummingbirds are attracted to water hoses. Right on cue, only about two feet from where I stood with the hose, a hummingbird stopped to have a drink and bathe in the fountain. I stood still and enjoyed this scene for about 20 seconds until the hummingbird flew away.

Ah ha, I thought. I’ll get my camera and try to capture it again. If only nature photography was that easy. So imagine, if you will, that this charming hummingbird is bathing in the fountain.


The Sounds
I love the music out this summer. With nothing interesting coming out from my old standbys –PSY and Adele–I found some replacements. My favorites right now are:

“Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke
“I Love It” by Icona Pop
“Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore (also love “Same Love”)
“Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink
“Rosana” by Wax (love the Mariachi band and the racy video is hilarious) click on Rosana to see it Rosana

I was stuck in traffic the other day and a couple of these songs came on right in a row. Nothing like car dancing to pass the time.

Happy Summer!