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Discovering Brandi Carlile

I am late on the scene once again for another musical star, Brandi Carlile. She comes out of Washington state and has been singing her folk rock music since 2005. I recently heard her newest release “That Wasn’t Me” on the radio. The song has a gospel feel to it and after learning more about it that fits as it is about addiction and forgiveness. Click link. That Wasn’t Me

When I watched the YouTube video, I had an unexpected surprise. Kris Kristofferson plays a criminal in the video. It was pretty cool how she got him to do it. She sent him a letter and as she told the San Francisco Examiner, “I said some personal stuff about my life and what caused me to write the song, I told him how much he meant to me as a songwriter and a mentor, and I asked him politely if he would be a part of the video,” she says. “And the rest is history.”

I love stories like this.

Brandi Carlile had her break though in 2007. The song “The Story” has over 9 million hits on YouTube. She got a lot of those hits after GM used the song in a commercial for hybrid cars that aired during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. This song definitely shows the rock side of her talent. Click link. The Story