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Dubstep and Lindsey Stirling

Music News Just Reaching Me

My daughter recently introduced me to a type of music called dubstep. It has been around for about a decade with roots in the UK. On the American scene, a band named Skrillex has made this electronic music more mainstream. Their YouTube videos get millions of hits. Personally, if music were played in Hell, this is what I imagine it would sound like. This is “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites.” Click link. watch?v=WSeNSzJ2-Jw

But there is always an exception to everything. And here comes spunky BYU grad Lindsey Stirling. She got her first taste of fame on America’s Got Talent Season 5 as a hip hop violionist. This is her 44 million hits and counting video called “Crystallize.” She combines her violin talent with dubstep. And quite the opposite of Hell, this video is filmed in an ice castle in Colorado. She’s quite a character. You can’t help liking her. Click link.