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Gold Medal, St. Patrick and Carol Burnett

What do these three random things have in common? They are yellow roses that are loving the fall season in San Diego. They caught me by surprise this morning when I looked out the window. If they could sing, their song would be “I’m Walking on Sunshine.” If you haven’t heard that feel good song by Katrina and the Waves lately, click this link: Walking On Sunshine

My camera could not capture the intensity of each of the rose bushes, but the individual bud shots are worth sharing.  (Click on the photos to enlarge.)

Gold Medal Rose
My favorite. A gorgeous long-stemmed rose.

Gold Medal

St. Patrick Rose
Obviously this rose gets its name from the pale green tint.

St. Patrick

Carol Burnett Rose
The touch of red must be the connection to Carol Burnett being a redhead.

Carol Burnett

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