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Has Autumn Arrived?

In Southern California, we don’t have the obvious signs that autumn has arrived.  The kids go back to school in August.  The trees don’t change color.  The ladies wear white jeans year round.  So we have to try a little harder to tell when summer is over.   Here are some of my signs.

–         No matter how much you water or fertilize your tomato plants, they are done. Kaput.  No tomatoes for you.

–         When the sun goes down, you shiver for the first time in 5 months.

–         You need more than a sheet at night.

–         You put on real shoes and get blisters after 15 minutes.

–         Your hand shakes as you scroll thru your DVR recordings to watch the season premieres of all your favorite shows.

–         Apples are finally less than $1.00 a pound

–         The grocery stores are selling kick ass pumpkins for $39.99

–         CANDY CORN

What is your sign that summer is over?  Click on the contact button and send your thoughts.  I will publish under “You Said” in a few weeks.