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Hey Mickey

Oh Mickey
You’re so fine
You’re so fine
You blow my mind
Hey Mickey! Hey! Hey!
Hey Mickey!

I used to love that song, the one hit wonder for Toni Basil in the early 80’s. It is my segue to another Mickey. But one more diversion, I always thought that segue was spelled segway (the way it sounds). But spell check caught me, and I am a little wiser today.

So back to my Mickey story….In 2005, Disneyland celebrated its 50th Birthday. During that celebration I bought a commemorative 50th Birthday Mickey for my car antenna. My dear friend, Karen, recently saw my Mickey and thought he had seen better days. He lost one ear in the car wash (oops) and a bit of his glitter too.

The Old Mickey

Karen recently went to Disney World and returned with a present for me, a new Mickey for my car antenna. I swear he smells like chocolate and looks like either an ice cream treat or a marshmallow candy. Honestly, I did not put the bite in his ear!

New Mickey

The New Mickey

As yummy as he looked, I had two reasons to get the craft bag out. First, he needed a little personality. Second, since I use my car antenna to locate my car, I needed to make him stand out. My Mickey has had quite a trip around the world. Made in China, purchased in Florida and decorated in California. Call now, operators are standing by for your order, 866-she-nuts.

Mickey's Transformation