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Hot Air Balloons

A Bird, A Plane, A Panda Bear?

Living in So Cal has some unusual year round benefits. One that I enjoy many weekends is the sight of hot air balloons soaring over my house. The launch pad is on a nearby hill that has been spared from development. If I miss the take off, I usually hear the burner blasting the hot air as they float overhead. Most of the time, I see colorful balloons like the star pattern below,

Star Hot Air Balloon

or like this checked one,
Hot Air Balloon with Checks

But I was quite surprised when I saw this Panda head floating by.

Panda Balloon

Panda Balloon

We have had a few cold and rainy days in San Diego this month. I can’t wait for the arrival of the sun, a light wind and the chance to wave to the brave souls who can admire a sunset at over 1000 feet in a basket in the air.