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Just Beet It, Beet It

Thanks to Michael Jackson, I have the title for today’s blog. I’m a newbie gardener and when a vegetable grows in my garden, it is a small miracle. When a vegetable flourishes, I am in awe.

In the weird planting time between fall and spring, only my beet plant thrived. I knew it was past its prime, but I couldn’t pull it out. But today my spring seedlings were ready to plant, and I needed the space. I yanked the beet plant out.

Aye carumba, holy guacamole, oy vey, what the heck? Out popped the biggest beet I have ever seen. I know this isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but it made my day and I had to share it. Yes, the leaves are drying for some beet chips later this afternoon. I’m the proud parent of the gigantic beet.

Val's Gigantic Beet