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Lady watching Cat watching Birds

It’s been about a year and a half since our greyhound and whippet went to where old dogs go. Slowly the neighborhood cats found out. They had a little cat meeting and spread the word that it was safe to explore our backyard. By explore I mean sun themselves, relieve themselves and entertain themselves. The entertainment is our two parakeets. They spend warm days outside.

Smokey is the most interesting of all the cat visitors. When folks reference patience, they usually quote “the patience of Job.” After watching Smokey, the patience of a cat is at whole new level. Smokey will watch the birds from the ground or she will sit right in front of the cage. And watch and watch. I have no idea what is going on in that cat’s mind. She tries to get her paw into the cage. No luck. She tries to lift the doors. Still unsuccessful. Sometimes she even sits on the roof of the cage. Smokey continues to repeat this routine over and over as if magically one day, she’ll solve the puzzle. (I have no idea if Smokey is a boy or girl cat and I have changed its name to protect its identity.)

I went to watch the cat watch the birds up close one morning. I realized Smokey couldn’t see in the kitchen window. I found a camera and got the shot below.

If you are wondering, no birds were harmed in the writing of this story. The parakeets are completely oblivious. Back in the day, our greyhound would get up on her hind legs and peer into the cage, the parakeets didn’t notice her either.

I am thinking of calling the No Fear company and asking if they’d like to use the parakeets for a logo for their Spring line. Just one problem, the birds seem to fear me. Whenever I change the food and water dish, they screech as if under attack and try to bite me. There is a saying about don’t bite the hand that feeds you…but that’s another story.