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Life Without Costco

Can I live without a Costco Membership?

After 20 years of membership, I did not renew my Costco card when it expired last October. I am trying an experiment to see how long I can last without shopping there. (This also includes not asking friends to get me stuff there). What will fill the void left behind? As therapy for my withdrawal, I’ve soothed myself with a list. Here are 10 reasons why I can live without Costco:

1. I won’t purchase discounted books I don’t have time to read.
2. I won’t eat free samples of food I would never purchase.
3. No more folding pizza into my oven to make it fit. (If it can’t fit – should you eat it?)
4. No more chips that morph into something unrecognizable before you can get to the bottom of the bag.
5. I can reclaim my guest room closet that the paper towels used to occupy.
6. I won’t have the stress of having to eat all those peaches before they start rotting.
7. I won’t be tempted to buy Christmas gift sets that no one wants.
8. No more guilt about wolfing down an entire kosher hotdog in less than 3 minutes.
9. I will buy food that I need for one week – my pantry doesn’t have to be stocked like a bomb shelter.
10. I won’t have to fear opening my Costco bill each month and paying it!