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Loved London

After a long hiatus, I recently visited England with my daughter and niece.  We were very fortunate to experience nine days of sunshine. In fact, everyone we met there could not stop talking about the good weather.   We spent most of our time exploring London and took a side trip to the Lake District.

I gave control of directions to the younger generation and all went well.  Oh, I guess there was the one time they left me alone with a cab driver for a few minutes.  Instead of giving him directions to the local train station, I gave him directions to our first stop off the train.  So that cost an extra 30 pounds.  But the cab driver was such an interesting guy.  He told us he visited 40 states in the US.  He had us beat!

There are many things to love about England, but I picked three to share with photos:  high tea, the scenery and the history. For a better view of any photo, click on it and it will enlarge.

We had high tea many times during our visit.  One of the fancier ones was at The Chesterfield Hotel.   Don’t we look so proper and civilized?

Three Ladies Enjoying High Tea

Because it rains so much in England, everything is either green or in bloom.  The photo below is at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Flowers at St. Paul's

Lastly, there is history everywhere.  In London, the museums are free and many plazas are decorated with monuments.  An especially poignant monument is the one in Hyde Park dedicated to the Royal Artillery.  It honors the 49,000 men from the Royal Artillery that died in World War 1.

Royal Artillery Monument