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May the Luck be with You

I don’t know whether I had luck, dumb luck or good fortune, but recently a series of things happened to me that are too fun not to share. It happened to be three things. There is a whole school of thought on things happening in threes, but I won’t go into that here.

Event #1 – Someone left their homemade CD of party music in a car that we rented over spring break. There were 20 songs on that CD. I love at least 15 of them. How lucky is that?

Event #2 – Home from vacation, we needed food. I went to Albertsons and saw a table set up for sampling wine. (And I thought this only happened in Texas.) Good consumer that I am, I went up to the table and sampled the wine. No, this is not the lucky part. They had a contest for everyone who sampled wine that day. A few hours after I got home, I found out I won. The prize is shown below. If you know me, would you call that luck?

Val's Lucky Snowboard

Event #3 – My errand the next day was a trip to the dry cleaners. I parked in front of the store, grabbed my bag of dirty clothes from the back seat and my wallet. I locked the car door and walked in. While I was emptying out the bag, I spied something small and pink. Yikes, my underwear. Of course, 99 times out of 100, I get a lady. Today it was a guy. I grabbed it as fast as I could and stuffed in my hand because my purse was in the car and I had on my skinny jeans. I don’t think the guy saw anything. That wasn’t the lucky part.

I rushed back to the car with my wallet and dry cleaning in one hand, and you know what in the other. What’s missing in this scene? My keys. They winked at me from the console. LUCKILY, I had left the window open a couple of inches. I managed to free a hanger and jimmied open my car door.

I love this quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt on luck:

“I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm.”

Hornitos, really? A tequila named after a hot little oven…hmmmm.