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If you like lists, and want to send me one go get creative!

Ten Things They don’t Tell You about Getting Old
1. Chin Hair. At first you aren’t sure what that bristle-like thing is. You look in the rear view mirror and nearly cause an accident. You have a long chin hair. You are becoming a witch.
2. Crying at Commercials. Thankfully I tape most of my shows. Anything with a patriotic theme, cute kids or old people in it makes me weep. I guess when you are done working for Hallmark you write TV commercials.
3. Fiber. You care about it. Enough said.
4. Shrinkage. Each year when I try on my summer clothes, they seem smaller. It must be some construction defect in my closet.
5. Hot Tea or Cold Wine. This is actually a decision to make. Sometimes tea wins.
6. Genetics. If you live long enough, at least one close relative is crazy, an alcoholic or been arrested. Sometimes it is the same relative.
7. Vanilla Ice or Quiet. The middle ground is getting smaller. It’s either Ice Ice Baby at the top of your lungs or complete silence.
8. Friends with Sons. You can’t help yourself. You ask your friends with sons if they’ve taught them how to cook, clean the bathroom and do their laundry. You hope for equality for your daughter in the next generation.
9. Naps. Whether it is 15 minutes or 2 hours, it is an unexpected gift when you can have one. Hey, I can use one of my new words here – lagniappe.
10. Patience. This is one of the nicest parts about getting old. You have time to listen to other people.