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My One Year Divorce with Costco

I made it. I lasted one year without Costco shopping and Kirkland products. Honestly, it was not a big deal. I don’t drive by one every day. I have plenty of other local places to shop. I have a small family. That said, I still have not purged my home of all Costco products. Two remain:

1. Compactor trash bags (yes I have one that works). The box started with 70 bags, I have about 8 bags left. At the rate of one bag per week, I should be done by this November.

2. 16 oz. bottle of vanilla. This was certainly an impulse buy. I don’t bake that often. The bottle is three fourths full and doesn’t expire until 2013. Hmmm, I wonder what will happen first – I use it up or it expires.

I checked the list I made in February (“10 reasons why I can live without Costco”) and the only weakness I have is #6 – peaches. In the summer I cannot resist peaches. Trader Joe’s sells peaches by the crate. They are so beautiful and smell so good. And yes, they all ripen at once and during that week, we have peaches in our cereal, peaches with our lunches and a baked peach dish for dessert (good thing I have all that vanilla!).

Trader Joe's Peaches

So was there some great lesson I learned from all this? Not so much. Just a little lesson, I don’t need so much stuff!