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Readers Comments

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Signs of Autumn

From FS in San Diego
Autumn is a good excuse to make a Julian apple pie run.

From LA in the Bay area
I know it is Fall when I can wear a scarf outside and not feel weird about it.

From an old-timer in Florida
When it snows here then the summer is over.

See Chicago

KS in San Diego laughed about Chicago wanting to charge to take a picture of The Bean.
“When my husband and I were in St. Petersburg, Russia, a few years back, we were required to buy a permit and pin it to our shirt if we wanted to take photos inside the basilica. Well, you know how some Americans are – there were a couple of men on the tour bus sitting behind us who said they weren’t going to pay. Once inside, and without the permit, they took a picture. The last we saw of them, two burly Russian guards were escorting them out of the basilica. Made me chuckle – the permit was only about $1 or so — served them right (wish I had snapped their photo being escorted out!).”