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How to Describe the Sagrada Familia

Some moments in life make lasting impressions:

The day Mother Nature amazes you with her palate of colors during peak foliage season or with a spectacular sunset.

Your heart skips a beat and you realize you’ve fallen in love.

You wonder at the marvel of life when your newborn is placed in your arms.

And then there are moments that you don’t expect at all. This happened on a visit to the Sagrada Familia, an unfinished basilica in Barcelona. Designed by Antoni Gaudi, an illustrious architect from Catalonia, I shook my head at the exterior. It reminded me of a huge sand castle.

It was the interior of the Sagrada Familia that took me by complete surprise. Unlike other churches with statues, stained-glass biblical scenes, and other religious symbols, Gaudi used light as his tool. Words like magical, dreamy, and heavenly aren’t adequate to describe the effect. Gaudi brought nature inside the church and it touched my soul.

I’ve included a couple of my photos, but even those on the Sagrada Familia’s website cannot replicate how awe inspiring it truly is.

Sagrada Familia 4

Sagrada Familia 3

Sagrada Familia 2

Sagrada Familia 1