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The Window

Funny thing about how habits start. When we had dogs, our whippet “Niko” waited for us to come home by perching on the couch in our living room. Facing the street, he waited and barked until we got home. Oh, our poor neighbors. I got in the habit of looking into that window as I drove into the driveway. It has been a few years since Niko passed, and I still look in the window.

Recently I pulled up to the house and saw the most amazing sight. The sun was setting in the backyard at just the right angle for it to travel through to the front of the house. I pulled out my cell phone to take this amazing shot.

Front Window

Front Window

Close up of angel

Close up

It may look scary, but the silhouette is actually of an angel. When my in-laws passed, I asked for that angel. I admired it for many years in their home. A few months ago I put it on a table in front of the window that I look at so often.

Now, on special days when the sun is just right, I am reminded of all kinds of angels in my life, past and present.