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To Share or Not to Share

I recently went outside my comfort zone to apply for a day class at a local junior college. It was a very humbling experience. The class I wanted to take had a pre-requisite for a college level English class. So, I found the college I went to back in the day and was able to get a copy of my “typed” college transcript. I was quite surprised to see that I received a “C” in English. Good enough for this purpose. But more troubling was the fact that I completely forgot I also got a couple of “D’s.” After I got over my embarrassment, I realized this was a good sharing moment for me and my college freshman daughter. Yes, you will live if you don’t get all “A’s.”

College Transcript from the Olden Days

Back to my day class. I did expect that most of the students would be young. I didn’t expect I would be the only old student. Really, I am the only one. There was a chance with a couple of other ladies, but for various reasons, they dropped out after the second class.

I explained my predicament to my daughter. She replied with “Keep a low profile Mom.” That is usually not an easy thing for me to do. So I sit in the back of the class and only contribute when no one else is brave enough. Somehow that seems to get others going.

Now the funny part. Last class we read our favorite poems. I sat near two young guys. The one behind me, say his name is Quan, read his poem. He told us why he liked it and the instructor asked him to read it again. He said: “My throat is a little dry. If Valerie (how cute, he remembered my name) wouldn’t mind, could she share her water bottle with me.”

Yikes, share my water bottle? The flu is epidemic, people are coughing out their lungs and he wants to share my water bottle. I didn’t hesitate. I turned around and gave it to him. He took a swig (while we watched, slightly shocked) and returned it back to me.

I have no recollection of his poem. Something by Sylvia Plath. I kept thinking, Valerie, whatever you do, don’t drink from that bottle again. At break, a couple of the young ladies chatted with me. One said “I couldn’t believe he asked to share your water bottle. And I thought, what would I do if I was in your place? I’d probably give it to him too.”

Next class, I am bringing a fresh water bottle and little Dixie cups with me. Stay healthy!