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Using The Senses

The holidays come at us in a rush with music, decorations, Black Friday, cyber-Monday, buy buy buy. These attacks on our senses reminded me of a few exercises I did in one of my writing classes. The lesson was to write short pieces using your senses. I picked two to share: a fun one and a serious one.

Clean Teeth
I smell the antiseptic.
A warning of things to come.
Sharp, metal and shiny.

I hear the tool scrape.
Humans have too many teeth.
Silent prayers for no dentists in heaven.

I see her eyes peek over the mask.
My mouth a stretched “O” in her plastic glasses.
Nothing in the room distracts me.

I touch the grips on my chair.
A finger taps out SOS messages.
No one comes to save me.

I taste the mint paste.
The cup of water is like fine wine.
My mouth is mine again.

I Remember
Smelling fear when my toes skimmed the ocean floor
Touching smooth wet skin when I grabbed her
Tasting briny water when she dove under
Seeing regret on her face before she swam away
Hearing waves drown out my cries for help
Feeling peace when I was in God’s hand.