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Where is it?

I had a senior moment that is too funny not to share. Whenever I go out of town for a few days, I hide my valuables; things like jewelry, laptops, and passports.

I recently had a virus attack on my computer. I was searching for some new hairstyles, and my vanity was punished with the “FBI” virus. My computer locked up and the “FBI” wanted me to send them $200 to unlock it — for my pirating crimes. I am fortunate to have a husband that rescued me.

However, during the rescue, I needed to back up my hard drive. And here starts the ‘where is it’ part of the story. The backup drive wasn’t in its usual place which means I hid it on my last vacation. I have some regular hiding places. Thieves, please stop reading. The rest of you honest folks, I hide my stuff in shoe boxes, under furniture, wrapped up in clothes, etc. I searched all my regular spots, twice. During the search I found the key to our safe deposit box. Ah ha, perhaps I put it in there. Off to the bank I went.

At the bank, I searched the safe deposit box. There was nothing in there but ancient papers. Shy person that I am, I complained to the bank teller about how I was turning into a forgetful old lady. I blabbed about how I couldn’t remember where I put my backup drive. She was half my age and very nice. She told me to calm down, relax and it would come to me. Did I mention she was very smart? On the way home, it did come to me. It was hidden in my bookcase; in one of those fake books someone gave me as a gift last summer. Below is a photo of the backup drive, in case I forget what it looks like.

Now whenever I can’t find something, I will go to valsroad and read this blog. That is if I remember I have a blog!